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Our foundation supports the development of blood donation processes in Ukraine.

Hundreds of Ukrainian citizens are in desperate need of blood components every day! This is due to hematological diseases, injuries, complications during operations and childbirth, etc. 

Blood donation is a completely safe procedure. Only sterile disposable systems are used for blood collection.

The foundation decided to help the Kyiv City Blood Center and donate about 400 anticoagulant containers and 20 platelet aggregation kits.

Why is this important?

The anticoagulant container is a part of the blood donation process. It is crucial for preventing the blood from clotting. Blood collection is done using a specific device where blood is mixed with the anticoagulant and then becomes ready for storage.

The kits for platelet aggregation and filtration are required after the donation. They can combine 4 doses of platelets that are necessary for people who have hematological diseases or have serious injuries.

Become a donor, you can simply save someone’s life!